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Stokes' law

Then the style Stokes' vs. Stokes's — which are the only two options debated in the case of a possessive is determined fully by our own Wiki's MOS Manual of Style: Using any variation of "how is it spelled in reliable sources?

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Stoke’s Law and Terminal Velocity

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The section Statement of the law Stokes r for spherical radius, but later sections use R for spherical radius and r for a cylindrical coordinate which is not the same thing. I will change the section Statement of the law to be [EXTENDANCHOR] with the other sections.

This means that this article will get increased traffic for coursework time that students investigate it.

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A Google Scholar search shows that in scientific publications "Stokes' law" is far more common than "Stokes's law". I think we ought to change it, if only to create consistency throughout coursework entire encyclopedia.